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As a boy, I had always been drawn to music.  My family inherited a baby grand piano before I was out of diapers.   As I grew up, I had always been curious about that piano.  Sometimes we would have a visitor who could play, and when I heard the sounds that came out of the strange looking thing in our den, I was enamored.

          When I was a preteen, I started to bug my mother about taking piano lessons.  After my parents were confident that my interest wasn’t just a phase, my piano journey began.

I studied the Suzuki method during the first years of my piano journey, an excellent method as far as I’m concerned.  Only problem is that you must find a nearby Suzuki teacher.   I excelled as I studied and I continued all the way through high school.

When I entered college, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to study music or business, so I studied both.  My main focus was music– and by music I mean piano.  When I graduated, I became a piano instructor at a well renowned music conservatory. It was an excellent job and lots of fun.  I did notice that several students were being forced to take lessons by their parents which meant the kids wanted nothing to do with the instrument.   That fact alone was a large opportunity for me.

I began to teach piano students songs they knew, not some random classical piece they knew nothing about.  Don’t get me wrong, classical is magnificent and I plan to offer it in my web catalog.  The fact remains that students want to learn what they hear on TV, the radio, internet, friends, and many other media outlets.

Because of the ear training that I gained from Suzuki and my years of musical studies, I can teach you how to learn your favorite songs and show you how to figure out how to play them just by listening.  With 12 Day Piano Lessons, you will learn piano online 24/7 guaranteed.