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“How to Play Piano Like a Pro..Even if You Tried and Failed Before and You Think Your Left Hand Will Never Work…GUARANTEED or Your Money Back..”

I was 8 years old when my parents sent me to a traditional piano teacher……I remember we did 3 finger exercises and it was totally boring. Believe it or not, I really wanted to learn how to play the piano but the old way of learning the piano didn’t work for me….so I quit.

The thing was when my parents bought our house, it came with a baby grand piano and all I wanted to do was to learn how to play it.

This happened when a repairman came to our house and he heard me trying to tinker with the piano, so he walked over and played the Charlie Brown theme song and I was blown away!

A few years went by and I was still asking for piano lessons because I really wanted to play.  My parents saw that I was serious so they searched high and low and found a different method from a non-traditional piano teacher and it changed everything.   I was able to play almost any piano song I wanted to!

I studied for many years under this new teaching and even went to college for piano.  After I graduated I began teaching students piano fulltime. I have also gained much user data from over 1.1 million online video views of my teaching as well.  Because of this,  I found out what the common hang-ups are that hinder almost EVERY piano student.  

So I created a new method that works for just about anybody..and I guarantee it will work for you!




The 12 Day Piano System.



But wait!  There’s something very special about this program this time…I’m offering it in a way I’ve never offered it before….more on that in just a minute.



Here is What You’ll Learn:

  • The Keyboard-the thing so many try to skip and fail (miss this and you are pretty much doomed)
  • The Left Hand- Yes it does work and I have a ninja hack that will solve this common problem
  • Learning Songs – The exact method I teach that gets students playing songs in minutes, not weeks or months
  • All Chords – A trick I discovered in college to learn ALL chords in under 4 minutes
  • Hand Coordination – So many have struggled with this, not anymore, a tried and true method to get both hands working together
  • No fluff
  • No filler
  • No time-wasting activities that don’t get results

Here’s What You’ll get:


  • The 12 Day Piano System, play your favorite songs in 12 days. ($197 value)
  • Bonus: How to Read Song Charts, so you can read music song charts and play it ($97)
  • SUPER Bonus: Live Teaching, so that you can learn live (in real-time) with me. ($50/hr value)



I’m Doing Something I’ve NEVER done before…

For this specific group only, I’m going to teach you LIVE.  You will be the first to grab my all new and improved methods.  For this reason, I can’t let a ton of people in.  You will be able to ask questions live and we can work together in real-time!  I’m super pumped about this.

Previously, folks have paid me $200 to learn with me.  When I taught students 1 on 1 about 10 years ago I charged almost $40 an hour and they gladly paid for it.

The last version of my course was $197

And it’s totally worth it.  Would it be worth it if it actually got you playing the piano as you dreamed of?  Not quitting this time and actually getting past all the barriers that hindered you in the past?  Of course, it is.

There is something so soothing, at the end of a stressful day to just sit down and play the piano without thinking about it.  It can be a reality and many have done it before you.

I’m Going To Make This Even Better…

$197 is a steal if it actually got you playing piano for real this time.

Still, I want to make this even better for you.

Today, I’m giving you the entire 12 Day Piano System, plus How to Ready Music and Delivering the 12 Day Piano System Live, for only $27.

Normally $197 – Today just $27

Why so cheap? Because I want to introduce myself.

You’re seeing this page because I want to grow my community, so I decided to offer you a big taste and show you what I’m about and unlock what you can actually do on the Piano under proper guidance.

Regardless, I’m Tired of People Giving Up

Music instruction can be expensive but I want to make it possible for all who desire to be able to pull up to the piano…and just play. There’s nothing like it.

If you want to seriously become a piano player pro fast, and you’re ready to focus on what works and ditch what doesn’t, this system is for you. Just click the button towards the bottom of this page and you will be in.

If you implement everything that I show you in this system, and your playing does improve or happen at all, I will give you 100% of your money back. I’m so confident, I’ll give you a whole 30 days to try it.

Just A Warning…

I’m experimenting with pricing to see what price creates the most impact. Next time you see this offer, there’s a good chance it will be $47 or $97. If you want it at $27, I recommend you grab it now.

See whats students have said about my previous course below:

I just finished this course and it was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go from zero to playing a complete song by the end of the course, this is it. Thank you John

Below was a student who hired me for special direct lessons or completed a video tutorial:

I’ve got the “Cold Rain” lesson down and nearly there on the other two lessons “Try to Find Me” and “Another Sleep Song”…you’re the best teacher i’ve ever had for piano and a great guy too so i’m very happy. Paul

Excellent tutorial, it helped me tremendously. Max

What an excellent video – couldn’t asked for any more Jamie



Piano Teacher

As a boy, I had always been drawn to music. My family inherited a baby grand piano before I was out of diapers. As I grew up, I had always been curious about that piano. Sometimes we would have a visitor who could play, and when I heard the sounds that came out of the strange-looking thing in our den, I was enamored.

When I was a preteen, I started to bug my mother about taking piano lessons. After my parents were confident that my interest wasn’t just a phase, my piano journey began.

They found a non-traditional piano instructor. The teaching and methods were so good that I stuck with it until college.

When I entered college, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to study music or business, so I studied both. My main focus was music– and by music I mean piano. When I graduated, I became a piano instructor at a well-renowned music conservatory. It was an excellent job and lots of fun. I did notice that several students were being forced to take lessons by their parents which meant the kids wanted nothing to do with the instrument. That fact alone was a large opportunity for me.

I began to teach piano students songs they knew, not some random classical piece they knew nothing about. Don’t get me wrong, classical is magnificent and I plan to offer it in my web catalog. The fact remains that students want to learn what they hear on TV, the radio, internet, friends, and many other media outlets.

Because of the ear training that I gained from non-traditional piano instruction and my years of musical studies, I can teach you how to learn your favorite songs and show you how to figure out how to play them just by listening.