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I teach average people how to play their favorite songs Using the fastest online piano course

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You don’t need weeks before you can touch the keys. You don’t have to spend hours doing finger exercises. It’s not required that you play classical piano only. I’ve taught people how to play a song in one sitting.  Let me show you how. 

I just finished this course and it was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go from zero to playing a complete song by the end of the course, this is it. Thank you


Best Way To Learn Piano

It is not difficult to find somebody who took piano lessons the old way, the traditional way.

At the same, every course says their piano lessons are the best.  How does one know?

Think of any skill that you acquired and became good at.  You probably enjoyed what you were doing as well as putting a little bit of effort into it regularly.  Piano in 12 Days is Best Way to Learn to Play the Piano because it’s putting in the effort in little bits at a time. People are blown away with how much you can accomplish with just a few mins at the piano regularly.

Hi, Im Sophiee.  I just wanted to say thank you for the tutorials 😀 I stopped playing piano at a really young age and i sing so it kind of sucked that i didn’t know how to play an instruments anymore. but your tutorials encouraged me to start again and ive got the hey there delilah down pretty good so far 🙂


Piano Really Is Fun

Many first-time piano students cringe when it’s time to go to piano lessons.  That’s because the old way is just that, outdated.  Don’t be mistaken,  the knowledge of piano teachers and legendary performance is truly timeless.  It will always be.  However, that same knowledge from ages past can be taught with modern technology.

I remember a time years back, I was working at a restaurant that had a grand piano in it.  One day while I was waiting for my shift to start, I sat down and started play.  My co-workers stopped what they were doing and they were captivated that I could play and play well.  My boss wanted to me teach him how to play Faithfully by Journey, right there on the spot.  He heard me play it while I was waiting for my shift to start.  He had never played piano before, and I could tell.  I sat down with him and actually taught him how to play the intro in about 20 mins.

Now, my method will not only teach you how to play but how to figure out how to play your favorite songs without my help.

Hey i think ur site is amazing! i had to sub!! Ive learned that journey song alread…. im obsessed with at tha mo!! hahah great channel x

How to Play the Piano in 12 Days

The approach is simple, I’ve taught many students how to make big gains playing the piano by incorporating the principles I teach in my online piano course.   It has been tested that when giving students a large string of information they remember two things: The information at the beginning and the information at the very end.  Everything in between is lost or forgotten quickly.

So practicing piano in short bursts is very effective, however, the practice must be concise to be effective.  I will show you how to do it.